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Character Guidelines and Template Empty Character Guidelines and Template

Post by Starlette on Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:56 pm

Here on Dimensions Collide before you can begin role-playing you must first create a character and have it approved by a member of staff. To do so you must fill out the blank application (you’ll find a code for it listed before) and submit it under the Character section. Once you’ve done that, and your application is complete and ready for review, post a link under the Modding and Review Thread so that a member of staff can look it over. Please do not post your character application directly to the Modding and Review thread, only post a link to the application itself.

Unless given specific permission beforehand by an Administrator please note that your character cannot start above what is considered “Demi God” status. This permission will be handled on a case by case basis and is up to the Administrator in question on whether or not it will be allowed.

You can be a character from a pre-existing game/mythology/anime/so forth, however it is first come, first serve. The characters will become available again if the character is killed in combat, if the person playing it willingly releases the character, or goes inactive without Administrator permission for two months, or goes inactive with Administrator permission for over three months. Please understand that just popping into the chatbox, or signing into the site in general, or existing on the sites Discord does not count as being active: you must be posting in some manner.

You cannot hold a Faceclaim/Image until your character has been approved.

Character Template

Name: First, Last
Alias: Any other name/nickname your character is known as
Age: 10+ unless the child of an established existing character
Race(s): Only up to Two, unless a child of an established existing character

Personality: What is the personality of your character? 100+ words
History: What is the history of your character? 200+ words

Image Name/Source: Who made your image? Where did you get it from? Post a Link to your Image


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