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Wonderweiss Margera TOITnGq

Name: Wonderweiss Margera
Age: Unknown [Appears roughly 11]
Gender: Male
Race(s): Hollow [Arrancar - Vasto Lorde]

Personality: According to Aizen, all forms of rationality, memory retention, speech, and intelligence were purposely removed to enhance his power. Because of this, Wonderweiss' personality is very childlike. For example, when sent on a mission to kill, he instead played around with a dragonfly. He shows some hostility, firing a defensive Bala blast at one point, but quickly reverts to his usual childlike state after doing so. In a later confrontation, Wonderweiss displays a higher level of hostility by stabbing Captain Jūshirō Ukitake through the chest without any warning or provocation.

Wonderweiss does not speak in sentences due to his modifications, only saying a few drawling syllables at a time such as an infant would. The only coherent phrase he has ever spoken is his own name, immediately after being "reborn" as an Arrancar. Kaname Tōsen remarks that Wonderweiss, like himself, is a pure being (though he remarks he doesn't quite know what exactly is pure about him) who often tend to stick together. He claims this is why Wonderweiss follows him everywhere. It is implied that he tried to restrain Gin Ichimaru from approaching Tōsen because Wonderweiss was wary of him. According to Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Aizen did not strip Wonderweiss of his ability to fear, as the Arrancar became afraid just before Yamamoto dealt the death blow to him.

After coming to this world, some of the modifications placed upon him have reversed or changed, giving him back some small amounts of speech and rationality; although these are still extremely primal and place him on the level of a human with extreme autism, or severe brain damage in some aspects. There is a lingering intellegence there, which manifests at random times or in certain situations, but for the most part Wonderweiss is mostly harmless while in this world, as there is nothing which controls him explictily, and the various energies and magicks of this place feed his Hollow Hunger better than Reishi ever could, leaving him without the hunger that drives most Hollow. The urge to fill the void of his lost heart was removed by Aizen, which freed the child of that suffering.
History: Wonderweiss is an enigma of sorts; the boy doesn't much speak, and what little he does is horribly broken and makes little sense. He is unable to speak in anything approaching coherent sentences, and his behavior is just as strange. Obviously mentally challenged in some ways, the boy is supremely child-like. He avoids people in general unless he's in a mood to play, and even then he p;refers to chase dragonflies or play with animals instead of people. This could be as much for the fact that humans in general cannot see him as much as anything going on in his mind. The boy is generally kind enough, although he has shown an almost sadistic streak, and while defending himself he fights like a wild animal.

His history is non-existent, as the few that have ever tried to help him have left him to rot after the frustration of attempting to communicate with the boy. His inability to talk and wild nature mean that he is routinely ignored as just another street urchin without a home, family, or worth; even if he is always immaculately dressed and supremely clean. The boy seems incapable of becoming dirty, although that might be because he likes to hang out near water where he can play and splash around.

The boy seems to be happy enough in his solitude, although he isn't above following home the few children that can see him, and have almost befriended him. Most of the time, the parents of the children treat him as just another imaginary friend; although he rarely stays very long. His strange habits and almost feral at times behavior means he scares off the children, or causes them harm, and he will run away from them as if in fear of something; if not himself, then some perceived consequences. How the arrancar child came to be in the physical/living world is unknown; it is most likely that he wandered through a Garganta that was opened for a mission by another arrancar or some other hollows, and just never returned to Hueco Mundo. How long he can remain in this world before his peers stumble across him and take him home is a mystery; however his hidden power means that one day it will happen. One day he will release to much, and they will hone in on him like a moth to a flame. What happens then is up to fate.

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