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Post by Niala on Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:14 pm

Here we go by the T1 fighting style. Type 1 [T1] is type of textual combat designed with logic, precision and detail in mind. It’s a turn-based style, allowing every player involved equal time and space to post their character’s move. There are four types of ‘turns’ that a player can make in a T1 fight: Prep, Attack, Defense and Connection. The fight is split in to 'tiers' which often consist of some/all of the aforementioned turns. A tier begins when a prep or attack is posted and ends when either a successful defense or connect is posted.

A 'prep' is a turn in which the character prepares to launch their attack. Some special abilities require a certain amount of prep's before an attack can be successfully launched. As a player, it is your responsibility to be aware of which abilities require preps and then to adhere to these rules. Missing a single required prep will probably result in Admins voiding the applicable tier of the fight.

A prepping move should state clearly what ability is being prepared for use and provide some imaginative description of this process, whether it be an elaborate ritual or a intense concentration etc.

Special abilities that do not require maintained focus/concentration can be combined with another turn. For instance, whilst a mage is launching a non-magical attack with his sword, he might be muttering an incantation in preparation for using a special ability later. Specifics must still be provided.

An attacking move should be a detailed account of everything vital to the attack: the stance of the attacker, the momentum or direction of the attack, the method of the attack, and it should hint at the desired outcome.

An attacking move must be comprised of one main action, or series of synchronized actions [within the realms of logic please]. You cannot post that the attack /hits/ the defender, instead you must try to describe the situation so that the defender has no choice but to accept the hit.

Like an attack, a defensive move must allow for the defender’s stance, method, and desired outcome. It’s no good simply stating that the character miraculously dodges the attack – it must be a detailed account of how this daring escape is achieved.

A connecting move is a move that confirms the attacker’s success. If the defender was unable to completely evade the attack, the attacker is expected to spend a turn describing the results of their attack, and the defender must respond to such.

It is very important not to ‘auto’ in a connection. Although you can state where the blow landed based on the information offered in the preceding attack and defense moves, you cannot state the exact amount of damage dealt upon another character. Such details are reliant upon the information in the previous moves.

There is another type of move that is often used in T1, and it is a variation on the Defensive move. Rather than simply evade an attack, the defendant may block or counter it with one similarly fluent move.

Please understand that not everyone is going to have a super powerful character, or a realistic character. Everyone gets to play how they want; meaning some are going to have powers and be Gods and others are going to be ordinary humans if they see fit.

However... that brings apart the biggest issue of all; Death. While most characters are not going to be capable of dying a normal death (via natural causes, diseases, old age), death is still hiding in the shadows, waiting to stick its boney hands around your neck. No one is immune to death, period.

Therefore, you are not safe from dying. It can happen, especially via fighting, so please be weary when entering into an altercation; because there are no "Well, I didn't know he could do that!" excuses. Every Ability a character can do is in the Ability List for a reason. You have been warned.

Also, some characters will have the ability to resurrect other people and themselves. A character cannot resurrect them self or same person twice, and a character can only be revived 3 different times. Unless killed in a fashion that the character cannot be revived, after the third death, that character is officially dead for good.

Active Fight Rules

There are a few rules for fights that need to be mentioned dealing with the way the site works.

1. If you are in a fight then your character must remain in that city. Leaving the city while an active fight thread is open is forfeiting the fight, and if it's a death match then your character is legally killed. This includes wanting to do side role play's elsewhere while waiting for your opponent to post.
Side-note: You are allowed to do side threads/role plays while in a fight so long as it is in the city that your fight is in.

2. Unless a postpone is agreed upon by both parties any fight to where someone has been absent from posting for three days or more will automatically lose. This means that if it's your post in a fight and you wait three days or more to post then your character automatically loses. This includes if someone is having to wait for you to fix your post before they can post, if it takes more than three days for you to fix your post then you forfeit, or if it's a death match your character is legally dead.

3. You cannot add/change/remove items or abilities after a fight/thread has already started. Doing so is considered meta-gaming and an instant death to your character.

4. Everything you do in a fight must be spoilered. This includes any sort of speed boosts, strength boosts, extra senses, weapons, ect. If your character is doing it then you must spoiler it. If it's not spoilered then it is voided. It is NOT your opponents responsibility to have to search through your profile, item list and ability list to search for what you're doing.

5. If you did not put it it did not happen. It's as simple as that. There are no assumptions, even if it's an active or inactive ability it MUST be placed into a spoiler or else it's voided in your post.

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