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Post by Davin on Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:09 pm

Davin H1lzo2p
Name: Davin Daire
Age: Unknown [Appears 15]
Gender: Male
Race(s): Fae [Driyad] || Deity [Demi-God - Greek Pantheon]

Personality: Pacifist. That is the ultimate description of Davin. It is a relfection of his driyad nature; he only does what he must to defend his forest and nature itself; however nature is fully capable of defend itself most of the time, and therefore does. This leaves him able to avoid conflict, he merely lends his energy and unique skills to the nature around him, so that it is not damaged by intruders bent on harming the world. He id a caretaker, a gardener of sorts; it is part of his nature to nuture and grow the world around him, and he does it gladly. Lonely, in a sense; his people are not meant to be fully alone, yet due to his nature and his gender, he is not allowed to remain with his family for more than a few moments at a time, spaced far apart when his Grandmother allows him to visit with her. This loneliness is apparent, as it's caused him to reveal himself to outsiders far more than most driyad would; although this is less... dengerous than it could be, given his cervid abilities inherited from his father. He is able to appear as a red deer, and this allows him to be closer to other creatures than he normally would be able too, without causing problems for them, or for himself.
History: There isn't much to say about Davin's life. Peaceful in the extreme, the being lived with their mother and her sisters for much of their childhood, eventually leaving when they became too old to remain with them. Half-dryad children that are not female in gender are never allowed to remain with the group; it is an edict that was handed down at the birth of the race and the beginning of time. As such, Davin spent many years wandering through the worlds forests, until a suitable new home was found. It was far away from other spirits, an old growth forest who's former guardian had left or passed from this world for some reason or another; and it cried out for a replacement. The child's mixed heritage made them perfect for the job, as a dryad spirit they could bond to the forest itself and make a new home, while their physical form and abilities gained via their human father meant that physically protecting the forest was far easier than normal.

There really isn't much else to say. From that moment, Davin has lived a peaceful life alone in their forest, tending to the old trees and encouraging the forest to grow and prosper. Animals flock to the paradise created by their power, and while humans and other advanced races look to riches of the land with envy and greed, Davin has worked hard to keep them from destroying the forest they protect.

Image Name/Source: OC Fawn Child - DeviantArt

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