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Post by Wonderweiss on Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:29 pm

While not the most important aspect of your character, the racial component can be a big factor in the what your character is (not) able to do. Just about every race has something special about them, whether it be a simple affinity for magic or technology, or some super amazing borderline haxxors god mode super skill like a Kryptonian under a yellow sun. Also, Time Lords. Enough said.

To that end, we're going to ask that any and all custom races follow a set of basic guidelines to keep some semblence of balance at this level. Individually, you can still be as broken as you're willing to work for, but no one race will be so unbelievably powerful that they can literally 1vAll entire realities. Superman and his clan are powerful, but they're not going to own the site, for example.

The template for races is extremely simple, and is as follows:

Name: [Name your race.]
Affinity: [Magic, Technology, Mixed, Neutral]
Homeland/Dimension: [Where does the race come from?]
Lifespan: [How long do they live, on average.]
Religious Status: [If applicable. Does your race follow a specific religious mythos/docturine? Ect: Dryads followings members of the Greek Pantheon, etc. Can be left blank if not-applicable or individualized.]
Special Aspects: [What makes you special? This isn't where you app abilities and such, this is where racial characteristics are posted. So say you're apping a fire spirit type race. You can post heat immunity here, as it would be something that the entire race has. If you're confused, or unsure about what you're trying to app, ask staff.]
History: [Just a quick blurb about the history of the race. This can be as indepth as you wish, however we do ask that you write at least 100 words here. In cases of races from established canon [DC/Marvel/Anime/Etc], you are more than welcome to copy the canon history from a wiki, so long as you link back to the wiki you took it from.]
[b]Religious Status:[/b]
[b]Special Aspects:[/b]

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